Breaking down crypto, blockchain, and NFTs into beginner-friendly tutorials. No assumption that you already know how to code to what all the lingo means. I will break it down to the basic parts then build you up from there.

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What does all of this mean for the world and society? How will cryptocurrency shape a new economy? What historical precedents can we look to for context? These are big, important topics that need to be discussed.

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A lifelong enthusiast for whatever is new in tech. Breaking down tough topics for beginners. Discussing the real-world potential and implications of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs. Definitely NOT financial advice!


Coming in 2022

Nifty Goldies

NFT project focused on doing good.

25% to Charities (Chosen by community vote)

Carbon Negative – 4 ETH worth of carbon offsets purchased

Dedicated to openness and inclusivity

Building in public from Day 1

Minimized simplicity

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