Minting June 2022

Nifty Goldies

⭐️  NFT project focused on education, community, & utility

⭐️  10,100 Unique Hand Drawn Generated Nifty Goldies NFTs

⭐️  Wildly Random & Wonderfully Colorful


  • First Course is Open NOW!
  • Free Web3 Education
  • Start With The Basics
  • Learn & Grow With Confidence


  • Private community forums
  • Share, learn and have fun

Creator Support

  • Creator Economy Courses
  • Artist Interviews
  • Virtual Art Gallery
  • Art Fund


  • Holders earn rewards 
  • Unlimited access to courses
  • Free NFTs, Discounts, Presale Lists, & More

Art Coffee Words Purpose


Classes, Video, Blog

Breaking down Web3 and NFTs into beginner-friendly tutorials. No assumption that you already know how to code or what all the lingo means. I will break it down to the basic parts and then build you up from there. 


Blog, Sharing News

Web3 and NFTs are driven by the new Creator Economy. Creators, collectors, and supporters are taking control and building new ways of doing everything that infuses creativity and Web3 principles into everyday activities. 


Community Forums

Join other people that share your interest in our community forums. Learn, ask questions, and share information. We have fun too! Community games and social activities held regularly. Participation earns you point towards presale spots and rewards!

Featured Topics & Events

Complete Guide To Your First Crypto Wallet

Go from an absolute beginner at using a cryptocurrency wallet to being confident in understanding and utilizing the different functions the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet offers.


Get on the Nifty Goldies Presale List

Earn points by participating in the Nifty Goldies and Art Coffee Words communities by learning about important topics, playing games, and more. Spend your points to claim a presale spot. Already have a presale spot? Spend points on other rewards and courses.


Buying Your First NFT Start to Finish

Buying that first NFT can be intimidating. We break it down for you step-by-step. There is even a free to mint+gas NFT for you to practice with (don’t worry… we will explain what that means).


Utility For Holders

Nifty Goldies NFT holders get unlimited access to all Art Coffee Words courses (no points needed). They can also claim 1000 Goldies (points) every month to use towards free NFTs, giveaways, discounts, and much more. Holders can also give Goldies to other supporters that do not own a Nifty Goldies NFT to help them take classes and learn!


Creator Economy

Being a creator means so much more in Web3 than it did in the past. Whether you are a creator looking to make your way as a professional in this new Web3 and crypto-driven space, or you want to support creators, you will find information and discussions here. We will feature interviews with creators, collectors, and supporters. Courses geared towards helping creators will help them navigate the NFT and crypto space.


Hang Out & Have Fun

You don’t have to own a single NFT or crypto coin to join our communities. The only requirement is to be open to having fun and learning along the way. We will host trivia and games nights, book clubs, listening parties, and more fun activities as we think of them.


Art Coffee Words Community


Built with Web3 in mind

Web3 is a fantastic goal that is not quite ready to support dynamic communities and fast-changing websites. Not all of Web2 is outdated or outmoded. We have combined our desire to incorporate Web3 ideals where we can while building on a proven Web2 backend.


Open Source Prioritized

Whenever possible ACW is built on Open Source apps and CMS. The base is WordPress which has been a standard open-source CMS for nearly two decades. Our community is built on social and forum add-ons that are also Open Source. In the few cases where closed source add-ins or code are used, they were carefully chosen for their usability and security.


Art Coffee Words as a Centralized Hub

The long-term goal of ACW is to bring together many different projects all focused on education and community. We are starting with Nifty Goldies, then, with input from the community, we will add more projects. Every project will be accessible from ACW and interlinked.


Information & Education Free To All

All tutorials, classes, or other learning materials produced for ACW are accessible with no out-of-pocket cost. By participating in our community you will earn Goldies. These community points are used to purchase class access. Our first class, Complete Guide To Your First Crypto Wallet, is available for free (zero Goldies) as soon as you sign up. By completing the class you will earn many more Goldies to use towards claiming a Nifty Goldies NFT presale ticket or enrolling in future classes. Nifty Goldies NFT holders get unlimited access to all educational materials.


Our NFT projects will fund the development of these educational materials which will always be available to anyone that wants to learn.


Private Community Open to Everyone

We want to have fun and the occasional party will happen, but we strive towards an organized and easy to navigate community where you are in control of who can contact you and how your information is handled. You can leave and delete ALL of your data at any time.


ACW and all of its communities are OPEN TO EVERYONE. There are a few forums open to NFT holders only, but you don’t need to hold any NFTs or crypto or to associate with any labels (and it is OK if you do too) to participate in most of the forums. You are welcome to join and be a part of the community just as you are.


Participation earns rewards! We have set up a point system that lets community members earn rewards. Points are earned for participating in community discussions, playing games, visiting links, watching videos, taking courses, completing quizzes and surveys, reading blog posts, and many other activities we have not even thought of yet. What can you do with those points? Points can be used to claim presale list spots for Nifty Goldies, enroll in courses, claim free airdrops, personalize your user profile, and more as the community grows.

Wife & Husband Team

Artist – Developer – ACW Founder

Teresa (Terry)

ACW’s Jill-of-all-trades:  Developer, designer, writer, artist … whatever needs to be done front or back end.

  • A lifelong enthusiast for whatever is new in tech.
  • Breaking down tough topics for beginners.
  • Discussing the real-world potential and implications of the creator economy, blockchain, and NFTs.

She’s been selling art online and building websites (especially in WordPress) for as long as it has been possible to do so. Seriously… like since Compuserve and pre-eBay days.

See her art portfolio HERE.

Definitely NOT financial advice!

Years - Artist

Years - E-Commerce/Web





Community Adviser – NFT Projects Founder


Brooks has a superhero level ability to bring enthusiasm and support to communities. He is an expert at leading fun and engaging group activities. As ACW expands you will meet him leading game nights and encouraging the community.

Behind the scenes, Brooks helps facilitate charity vetting and engagement and represents ACW when needed for negotiating partnerships.

  • Corporate customer service expert

  • Mostly keeps Teresa from making things too complicated.

  • Keeps all of our fish tanks clean 

Also Definitely NOT financial advice!

Years - Corporate customer service & Sales

Years - Contact Center Leadership


Aquarium Water




Frequently Asked

Isn't your team kind of small?

We firmly believe a team of two fully-doxxed people with decades of project building experience, that also know each other very well (married 30 years with two adult kids!), beats a large team of people, sometimes anonymous, with often short lists of experience that barely know each other.

Big teams let a project build faster, but we are not aiming for fast. We want a strong, community-focused, long-term project. We will build at exactly the speed we need to get it right!

Why Goldfish?

Teresa & Brooks have shared the aquarium hobby for many years. Goldfish hold a special place in the hobby being one of the most common yet poorly understood fish kept as pets. Fancy goldfish, like our Nifty Goldies, are also pretty and full of personality. While crypto, NFTs, and Web3 are our focus, we plan on adding some educational material about these interesting fish as time goes on. If you become a Nifty Goldie NFT holder you can even watch and participate in decision making as we build a big aquarium to house a few real-life Nifty Goldies (and live stream them for you to watch). 

Want to talk to us?

Do you want to know how to offer presale list spots for your project to our community? Interested in a partnership? Are you a charity that wants to be nominated?

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