A statement on inclusivity from a female founder

Nifty Goldies is a project for everyone.

 While I am a woman, founder, dev, artist, and marketer (and I have done all of these roles since Web1) and I am proud to be acknowledged for founding a woman-led project, I think it is important to distinguish Nifty Goldies and the educational platform the NFTs will support, artcoffeewords.com, as being for all people.

Being woman-led does not mean only for women.

We want to bring together people completely new to the space in a beginner-friendly, jargon-free, educational platform supported by a community full of people with a passion for sharing what they love in this new world.

We want to embrace the voices of people of all genders and ethnicities. 

Yes, being a woman doing what I am doing makes me a rarity that needs to be pointed out so that other girls and women know that they can do it too. 

They are not alone.

I also want to make sure to acknowledge the wild diversity of the people and resources I learned from over the years. It took me three decades to become what I am now.  I can count men, women, trans, and non-binary amongst the people that have taught and inspired me over the years. 

When we come together it is how we interact with each other that matters.

My vision for the Art Coffee Words community, supported by @niftygoldies and future NFT projects, is a safe place for a diverse gathering of people to learn, share knowledge, and socialize online without artificial barriers to entry created by labels or experience.

Teresa McClary