Complete Guide To Your First Crypto Wallet

Go from an absolute beginner at using a cryptocurrency wallet to being confident

in understanding and utilizing the different functions the

MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet offers.

Beginner Friendly

This class is designed to take you from an absolute beginner at using a cryptocurrency wallet to being confident in understanding and utilizing the different functions the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet offers.

Introduction To Crypto Wallets

This section will introduce you to the basics of crypto wallets and explain why we chose MetaMask as the wallet for this class. 

Adding Funds To Your Wallet

Now that you have a crypto wallet, you need to add funds to use it. This section will show you the different ways to get crypto tokens into your MetaMask wallet.

Advanced Tasks

Go beyond the basic functions, and learn some of the advanced tasks you can use with MetaMask to take more control over your transactions and tokens.

Finish With A Quiz

Now that you have gone from a crypto wallet beginner to a confident user, take the class quiz. 

Installing MetaMask

Learn to install MetaMask to both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) as well as the basic wallet settings and how to view your transactions on the blockchain.

Do More With MetaMask

Your crypto wallet is more than a place to store currency. In this section learn about some of the different functions you can do with MetaMask. 

Other Crypto Wallets

While the focus of this class is MetaMask, there are other crypto wallets to chose from. Learn about both MetaMask alternatives and wallets for use with tokens not supported by MetaMask.

Earn A Certificate & Badge

Upon completion of this class you earn a certificate of completion ready for showing off online or printing. You also earn a badge that can be synced with Badgr! Badges can also be shared on LinkedIn!

Earn Goldies

  • Goldies are points you can use to claim a presale list spot for the Nifty Goldies NFT launching in June!
  • All our classes are free to take but we depend on NFT holders to help us grow!
  • Join our community and claim your Nifty Goldies presale ticket!


Information & Education Free To All

All tutorials, classes, or other learning materials produced for ACW are free to all who visit the website. The vision for ACW is an all-in-one learning hub for everything Web3, Crypto, and NFT without any fees or paywalls. We will never charge for learning. Other NFT education projects promise a lot but keep it behind NFT holder or monetary paywalls. Our NFT projects will fund the development of these educational materials which will be openly available to anyone that wants to learn.

Art Coffee Words as a Centralized Hub

The long-term goal of ACW is to bring together many different projects all focused on doing good. We are starting with Nifty Goldies, then, with input from the community, we will add more projects to do more good. Every project will be accessible from ACW and interlinked. 

Private Community Open to Everyone

We get it… Discord is convenient and easy. It is also like some combination of the Wild West and an underground rave. It does take a couple of extra steps to click over to ACW and login, but that means the scammers and mass-shillers have to go to extra effort too, and they are less likely to want to sign up for a private community than to just keep clicking Discord invites. We can’t guarantee that we can keep all of them out, but we can make it harder for them.

You Control Your Data

We want to have fun and the occasional party will happen, but we strive towards an organized and easy to navigate community where you are in control of who can contact you and how your information is handled. You can leave and delete ALL of your data at any time.

Participation earns rewards!

We have set up a point system that lets community members earn rewards. Points are earned for participating in community discussions, playing games, visiting links, watching videos, taking courses, completing quizzes and surveys, reading blog posts, and many other activities we have not even thought of yet. What can you do with those points? Points can be used to claim presale list spots for Nifty Goldies, claim free airdrops, personalize your user profile, and more as the community grows.

Fully Doxxed Team

Art Coffee Words and Nifty Goldies are founded and developed by wife & husband team, Teresa and Brooks McClary. Teresa has 25 years of experience in e-commerce and website building (she is also the artist!). Brooks has 30 years of experience in corporate leadership and community building.

Free Courses

 We firmly believe that learning the basics of the skills we will all need in the new Web3, cryptocurrency, and NFT driven world, should be free-to-all. These are the basic literacy skills of the near-future. It benefits everyone to make this learning open to all. 

Charity Focused

When Nifty Goldies NFT mints 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charities chosen by the community. An additional amount will go to purchasing carbon offsets and more to a fund to support 1/1 NFT artists. Join the Nifty Goldies community to nominate charities and artists.

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