Do you have an NFT project that you want to share with the Nifty Goldies community?



If your project meets our requirements, we will be happy to have you join us as a NiFTy Friend. In exchange for allowing you to share your project with our community, we will issue you a special coupon code for between 100 and 250 Goldies for you to offer members of your community. Goldies are used to claim Nifty Goldies NFT presale tickets and for future rewards.

The actual value of the code and the number of times it can be used will be determined by what you offer the Nifty Goldies community.

Additionally, you are encouraged to join the community yourself so that you can respond to any questions that may arise about your project in our forums. Your project will have a dedicated topic thread that is a great place to communicate more information. You will also earn Goldies to use towards claiming a Nifty Goldies NFT presale ticket for yourself by participating in our community.


NiFTy Friends Requirements:

  • Your project must do good in some way. How you define “doing good” is up to you, but make sure to use the space in the form to convince us.
  • Your team must be doxxed. No exceptions.
  • A little adult humor is fine, but nothing hateful or discriminatory will be accepted. Illegal themes, such as drug use, will not be accepted.
  • No outright derivatives. Inspired by popular themes is fine. If you think your derivative project is different for some reason, feel free to convince us in the “additional information” section.
  • Project links to Twitter, Discord, Website, or Other are all optional individually since different projects will use different sites, but you must have at least one link to information about your project.

Please include an email address that you actively monitor. We may have more questions for you before accepting your NiFTy Friends application. If we do accept the application, we will contact you through that email for what you would like posted as your offer in the Nifty Goldies forums.