Nifty Goldies NFT Mint Roadmap

Nifty Goldies NFT

➡️  10,000 Nifty Goldies NFTs will be available to mint. An additional 100, for 10,100 total, will be held back for giveaways and future use. 

➡️  2 Nifty Goldies can be minted per wallet during the public sale

➡️  Price TBA depending on the market conditions closer to the mint date. The goal is a price of .5 ETH or lower.

➡️  Date TBD currently aiming for mid-June 2022

➡️  ERC-721 or ERC-721A contract. 

➡️  We are aiming for low gas fees and minimal bot interference. 

➡️  NFT reveal will happen 24 hours after the START of the Public Sale.


  = Ready ➡️  = In Progess