Nifty Goldies NFT Ongoing Support Roadmap

Nifty Goldies NFT

➡️  All Nifty Goldies holders will get allow list access to future ACW NFT projects before presale or public sales open.

➡️  Continue to add and develop new ACW educational content from short articles to full video classes. We already have all of the equipment and skills. 

➡️  Announce the artwork theme for the next ACW NFT Project.  

➡️  Strong commitment to supporting secondary market sales.

➡️  We are committed to continuously building and supporting good causes. Nifty Goldies is just the first project from Art Coffee Words. 

➡️  We will host online group activities for holders of all of our NFT projects. Game night, book clubs, and documentary discussions related to chosen causes. One big happy family.

➡️  We have a unique plan for incorporating partnerships and NFT project opportunities into the ACW community. It includes partner participation in the community, ways to build up the Art Fund, and claimable rewards for community members. Detailed information will be posted on ACW in the future.

➡️  After mint, many behind-the-scenes server upgrades for the best front-end experience.


  = Ready ➡️  = In Progess