Nifty Goldies NFT Presale Roadmap

Nifty Goldies NFT

  2000 Presale List Tickets Available. 4 Nifty Goldies can be minted per wallet address.

  Community members earn points by participating in the forums. 

  Points are used to claim a presale spot.

  There is no lottery or random selection. 

  Be one of the first 2000 members to earn enough points (1000 Goldies) and claim your ticket.

  Points can be used for additional rewards in addition to presale tickets

➡️  Presale will take place over several days to avoid gas wars. Public sale will take place the day after the presale ends. Dates TBD but we are aiming for a mid-June 2022 mint. 4 Nifty Goldies can be minted per presale ticket.

➡️  IOS Sticker pack – IOS App Store – small sneak peeks of accessories and more. Free to the first 99 community members to claim a redemption code (App Store limit on the number of redemption codes or we would give it out free to all community members). 

➡️  Open “Buying Your First NFT Start to Finish” class

  = Ready ➡️  = In Progess