We cannot give exact amounts or even percentages here because a lot of this falls into a very unpredictable range.  We have a minimum we need to operate which we will hit at less than a complete sell out and the goal amount which gives us room for growth and requires a sell out.  The items listed below are not inclusive of the Roadmap expenses such as charity donations, carbon offsets, and the art fund. All of those expenses will be paid out as the Roadmap states and before the items below are started.


This is more than a full time job for me (Terry). One that I will have been working at without pay for about a year at mint. Despite having a busy corporate job, Brooks also puts an exceptional amount of time into this project. We will take out salary and comfortable living expenses.


A major focus immediately after mint, is the expansion and solidification of our infrastructure. We are already pretty solid. A lot of the tools we are using have the ability to do a lot more with an increased budget. This includes a major server upgrade and hiring 24/7 security monitoring services. We will be able to expand our group activities like game nights from their 40 minutes + 100 person limits to unlimited time and 1000 participants. A lot of this will be behind-the-scenes upgrades that create a smoother experience for our supporters and make managing the server easier for us. 


Right now all of the building, marketing, dev, and server costs are coming out of our pockets. At mint, we will repay these expenses.  It is important for us to show our work before asking other people to invest their trust in us. 

Framework for scaling

Building the framework for scaling. Right now I do all of the development (WordPress, React, Solidity) graphics, most marketing, and everything that goes into class development from writing them to video. I (Terry) am also the artist for the NFT projects. Growth will require more hands and minds to develop content. We are working on a plan for working with skilled freelancers to expand our offerings. That will take time. Nifty Goldies is our first planned NFT project. It will give us the base to work from. Future NFT projects will provide the means to build out our freelance structure and grow our talent base. 

Community Management

Brooks will take over community management after mint. As anyone who has been part of a large community knows, it can take many people moderating around the clock to keep a community going smoothly. We don’t know exactly what our needs will be but we will plan to have the means to address them as they arise. 

Operating Expenses

Beyond the already mentioned plans for expansion, Art Coffee Words will continue to incur regular operating costs. These will likely change and grow as we scale. We are looking to the future and estimating what will be required so that we can be prepared as needed.

Course development

As new course concepts are developed there will be a need for both the tools to create the classes and, often, costs incurred in order to create the material such as purchasing a type of token or demonstrating a transaction. As we scale, fees paid to writers, graphic designers, and video editors will also add to our expenses.